A creative vision of renowned design professionals to explore the concept of Brazilianness through ceramic

SaphirKeramik: Design reduced to the essentials

With SaphirKeramik the Swiss bathroom specialist Laufen is setting a new trend in bathroom design. SaphirKeramik is a innovative ceramic material, which possesses all the hygieni advantages of traditional bathroom ceramics, but is thinner, more defined, and extremely robust. The special properties are due to the addition of corundum, a colourless component of sapphire which has been prepared for the market by years of research an development work by Laufen. Since its launch in 2013 SaphirKeramik has developed into a favourite material of man architects and bathroom planners, because it permits a whole new design language with ceramics in the bathroom, which could no have been realised in the same way with conventional ceramic material.

For over a century, Laufen has had one goal – to create extremely
sophisticated materials that are unique, functional and sustainable.
The Impressões by Laufen project brought together innovations in
design as well as function, with the ceramic (vitreous china and
Saphirkeramik) becoming a work of art that honoured Brazil and its culture.
For the first two editions artists took Laufen washbasins as a blan canvas and gave free rein to create their own aspirational designs.
The third edition of the Impressões is a project that combines
design innovation with the production of Saphirkeramik.
For this edition the sculptor Maria-Carmen Perlingeiro exclusively
designed a polyhedron, which Laufen then produced in Saphirkeramik.
The material allows for freedom to design minimalistic, architectura lines and for the production of extremely narrow radii and filigree wall with high robustness. Laufen sees design as the key to shape this material as intelligently, functional, environmentally friendly, resource-saving and aesthetically pleasing as possible.
This gave rise to ideal conditions for the artistic development of the handmade polyhedron, which serves as a 3-dimensional basis for the work of the 5 artists.



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