Third Edition 

Impressões -
from Basel to Brazil


          An art project that combines design innovation with the production of Laufen SaphirKeramik


Laufen and Brasilea Foundation present: „Impressões - from Basel to Brazil“, an art project that combines design innovation with the production of SaphirKeramik.

Laufen lives the dialogue between architecture, art and design, constantly exploring how things change in the creative world
and how the creative world changes things.
Brasilea Foundation promotes cutural and artistic exchange between Switzerland and Brazil. They offer a platform for Brazilian artists and projects in Basel/Switzerland.

Created to honour Brazil and its culture, this year‘s works haven been curated by Brasilea
and developed in collaboration with the artists Maria-Carmen Perlingeiro, Alex Flemming, Zezão, Christina Oiticica, SHN (Marcelo Fazolin, Haroldo Paranhos, Eduardo Saretta
            THE POLYHEDRON

For the 3rd edition of “Impressões”, the sculptor Maria-Carmen Perlingeiro exclusively designed a polyhedron, which Laufen produced in SaphirKeramik. The material allows for freedom to design minimalistic, architectural lines and for the production of extremely narrow radii and filigree walls with high robustness. Laufen sees design as the key to shape this material as intelligently, functional, environmentally friendly, resource-saving and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

SaphirKeramik proved itself as the ideal material for the artistic development of the handmade polyhedron, which serves as a 3-dimensional canvas for the work of the 5 artists.

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